Public Scholarship

I am committed to collaborations and partnerships that facilitate public scholarship.

My recent public scholarship efforts have included speaking on issues related to race and advocating alongside and for students of color on campus and beyond. I am currently co-organizing a digital series entitled Building the Fugitive Academy: Communication, Media, Culture, and Rhetoric Scholars for Transformation. I also worked as a volunteer with the Disability Law Center during the pandemic-induced hydroxychloroquine shortage.

I am also currently working on several projects related to race and intellectual property rights that bridge theory and practice. One such project is Race + IP, a conference dedicated to bringing academics, activists, and policymakers together to talk about intersectional issues in race and intellectual property.

I previously served as the Managing Director of the Washington Debate Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for students to engage in debate, civic engagement, and democratic deliberation.  The Washington Debate Coalition helped to build two competitive and diverse high school debate teams at Ingraham High School and Ballard High School, both Seattle Public Schools, as well as start a debate program in the University of Washington Department of Communication. As a former policy debater, I am invested in deliberation and dialogue as ways of transforming the world.