Peer-Reviewed Book

The Color of Creatorship: Intellectual Property, Race, and the Making of Americans (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2020).

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

“Prince of Intellectual Property: On Creatorship, Copyright, and Black Capitalism in the Life/Afterlives of the Purple One.” Howard Journal of Communications (Special Issue on Prince in/as Blackness) 30(2) (2019)(available here)

“Marking Disidentification: Race, Corporeality & Resistance in Trademark Law,” Southern Communication Journal (2016) (available here)

“(Dis)owning Bikram: Decolonizing Vernacular and Dewesternizing Restructuring in the Yoga Wars,” Communication & Critical/Cultural Studies (2016). (available here)

“Racechange is the New Black: Racial Accessorizing and Racial Tourism in High Fashion as Constraints on Rhetorical Agency,” Communication, Culture & Critique (2014) (available here)

With LeiLani Nishime. “Containment as Neocolonial Visual Rhetoric: Fashion, Yellowface, and Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘Idea of China,” Quarterly Journal of Speech (2013) (available here)

Invited Journal Articles

With Lisa Corrigan (lead author), “The Structural Whiteness of Academic Patronage,” Communication and Critical Cultural 17(3) (2020): 220-227.

“Affecting White Accountability: What Mr. Rogers Can Tell Us about the (Racial) Futures of Communication,” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 17(1) (2020).

“Cooking Up Hashtag Activism: #PaulasBestDishes and Counternarratives of Southern Food,” at Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (2015)  (available here)

Law Review Articles 

“Temporality in a Time of Tam: Towards a Chronopolitics of Intellectual Property,” IDEA: Special Issue on Race and Intellectual Property (Forthcoming Spring 2021).

With Deidré Keller. “Critical Race IP, ” Cardozo Journal of Arts & Entertainment (2018). (available here)

With Deidré Keller. “Centering Education in the Next Great Copyright Act: A Response to Professor Jaszi,” Duquesne Law Review (2015). (available here)

With W. Ann Warner. “Annual Survey of Michigan Law: Civil Rights Law.” Wayne Law Review: Survey Edition (2006): 391-434.

Other Writings

With Deidré Keller (second author), “Critical Race Theory as Intellectual Property Methodology” In Handbook of IP Research, eds. Irene Calboli and Maria Lillà Montagnani (Oxford, UK: Oxford UP, 2021).

“Mapping Property.” Quarterly Journal of Speech 104(5) (2019). (available here)

“Civic Engagement through Policy Debate: Possibilities for Transformation.” In Navigating Opportunity: Policy Debate in the 21st Century, ed. Allan D. Louden (New York: International Debate Education Association, 2010), 242-249.